Janika Spannagel - Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi), Researcher

Measuring Academic Freedom Across the World:
Insights from a New Exploratory Project

Our knowledge of worldwide restrictions on academic freedom is limited. To date, no comprehensive and comparative measurement tool is available. This gap not only inhibits a better understanding of the phenomenon, but also allows for universities in repressive countries to gain international reputation while disregarding and violating academic freedom. A new pilot project implemented by researchers at the Global Public Policy Institute, in collaboration with various experts and practitioners, aims to develop and test a methodology to close this knowledge gap. Improving quantitative and qualitative information on levels of academic freedom will both facilitate further research into the subject and serve as a basis to reevaluate transnational interactions and partnerships in the academic field. The keynote gives insights into the workings of the project, methodological decisions and challenges, as well as possible synergies with the monitoring efforts in the EHEA context following the Paris Communiqué.

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