Dr. Pavel Sorokin is an Associate Professor in the Institute of Education and Department of Sociology, National Research University Higher School of Economics (NRU HSE). He is also Academic Supervisor of Master Program “Evidence-based Educational Policy” and Senior Research Fellow in the Institute of Education, NRU HSE. He received Ph.D. in Economic Sociology in 2013, in NRU HSE, with the support from Russian Presidential Grant.

In 2016-2018 he served as Chief Analyst in the expert group for elaborating the Strategy for development of education in Russia (NRU HSE and Center for Strategic Elaborations, Moscow). A book published by the group described perspectives for the Russian education system (“12 Solutions for a New Education: Report by the Center for Strategic Research and the Higher School of Economics”)

Pavel Sorokin teaches “Research Seminar”, “Sociology”, “Sociological Theory in Education” and other courses in National Research University Higher School of Economics.

Pavel Sorokin is the author of numerous research articles in international academic journals, indexed in Scopus and\or Web of Science: Current Sociology; Filosofija, Sociologija; The American Sociologist; Society and Economy; Comparative Sociology; Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science; Sociological Research Online; Psychology in Russia: State of the Art, and others.

His research encompasses renovating theoretical and methodological tools of the current education research as well as elaborating practical recommendations for transforming educational systems basing on the expanded comprehension of human capital. The aim is to make current education systems more capable of dealing with the economic and social challenges of the global world.