Daniel Kontowski is a Postgraduate Research Student at the University of Winchester, UK who co-founded European Liberal Arts Initiative. His research and public engagement focus on the reappearance of liberal arts education across Europe over the last three decades.

A graduate of MISH and Kolegium Artes Liberales at the University of Warsaw, Daniel conducted interviews with across eight European countries, reviewed the relevant archival material in New York and Vienna, and supported the development of Liberal Education Student Conferences since their inception in 2016. With Jakob Tonda Dirksen and David Kretz, he co-edited a book on student perspectives on liberal education in Europe, freely accessible here.

Daniel was also a visiting scholar at Boston College, Wagner College, and The Endeavor Foundation (all US) and recently received Semyonov Award for a research stay at the Laboratory of University Development, Institute of Education, Higher School of Economics in Moscow. For publications, see his profile on Google Scholar.

Daniel is an associate member of Center for Higher Education Futures, Aarhus University, and one of the editors of Early Career Higher Education Researchers blog.