Dr Bladh is an independent consultant and involved in evaluations and other engagements in the field of higher education and research.

Dr Bladh was Rector of University of Kalmar (now part of Linnaeus University), Sweden, between February 2004 and December 2009. From 1998 to 2004, Dr Bladh served as State Secretary at the Swedish Ministry of Education and Science, responsible for Higher Education and Research. In this role, she was one of the signatories of the Bologna Declaration. From 1995 to 1998, Dr Bladh was Director General at the National Agency for Higher Education. Bladh served 1987-91 as well as 1993-95 in various positions in the Swedish national administration. Bladh served 2011 temporarily as Dean and CEO for Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) and the autumn 2013 as Dean and CEO at Jönköping School of Education and Communication, both part of Jönköping University. During 2017-2018, Dr Bladh is appointed by the Swedish government as special examiner of Internationalisation at Swedish Higher Education Institutions.

Dr Bladh is member of the Board of the Swedish Research Council (chair), the Magna Charta Observatory Council (vice president) and the Swedish Carnegie Foundation. Dr Bladh has been member of the governing boards of several universities in Sweden and Norway and commissions and evaluations in several European countries. Dr Bladh has also been chairperson of the organisation VA (Public & Science – acronym for Vetenskap & Allmänhet) to advance and encourage dialogue between researchers and the public. Bladh has been a member of the Swedish Higher Education Authority Board and the Danish Accreditation Council. Dr Bladh was 2012-2014 a member of the EU High Level Group on Modernisation of Higher Education. During 2008-2012 Bladh was member of the Administrative Board of the International Association of Universities, IAU.

Bladh holds a PhD in Political Science from Stockholm University (1988).